Beauty without pain

Feeling is believing

No pain, lots of gain.

The desire to positively enhance facets of our physical appearance is something all of us experience. We at Needleless To Say, with our team of certified experts, believe that patient education and an honest opinion is the most important first step in your journey of change.

We are able to provide the latest technology and expertise in the field of Aesthetics.

Medical Treatments

At Needleless To Say we offer a variety of aesthetic medical treatments

Beauty Treatments

Needleless to say offers a wide variety of beauty treatments

Smartskin Products

Smartskin is an excellent range of skin products offered at affordable prices. Order online today!

For the best natural (but improved) results, we prefer to combine procedures. This allows us the opportunity to make use of the “less is more” principle and thus we can provide you with very subtle yet very definitive outcomes.

We are committed to your individual needs.  We aim to enhance rather than to change and we do it with style. Let us help you look and feel the best you can!

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We pride ourselves in providing comfort to the patients of the medical, beauty, and veterinary communities with the state-of-the-art delivery system

We care about the health and wellness of our fellow South Africans – this is a feeling we want to share through alleviating their fear of needles and providing them with a state-of-the-art solution.

We want to make a needle free world easily available.