Needleless to Say

Needleless To Say


Spider veins are small blue or red veins located just below the outer surface of the skin. They often  have a web-like appearance, hence, the term spider vein. Most spider veins have an unattractive cosmetic effect and, in some cases, may give rise to symptoms such as itching, burning, or throbbing of the legs. Veins are arranged in layers within and under the skin. The very smallest type of veins are on the surface, these veins drain into slightly larger veins, called reticular veins, which lie deeper within the skin. Faulty reticular veins often act as “feeding” veins to the smaller superficial spider veins. The most prominent reticular vein is the lateral vein of the thigh. This vein is often involved in causing spider veins of the outside thigh. Treating the smaller veins on the surface, without addressing this important vein, leads to poor treatment results.

With the use of needle free injector or fractional Meso Therapy, we can now treat spiderveins. We inject a solution of natural products. Whilst most of our patients experience an excellent clearance of their spider veins and go on to enjoy many years of great-looking legs, some patients are less fortunate, simply due either to their own individual biology, to specific life events such as pregnancy or even to prolonged use of the oral contraceptive pill. Treating spider veins is much like dental care, and ongoing effort is required to keep looking good, we at Needless to Say will give you the best treatment plan for optimal results