Needleless to Say


Facials are beneficial for all skin types, and particularly for people who are experiencing skin problems (such as acne or signs of aging).  The best plan is to clear time and get a facial once a month.

That way, when your new skin cells have been generated, the dead cells can be exfoliated.

Facials have become exceedingly popular, as more people realize the health benefits they have to offer, which include :

Lower stress levels, treatment of acne and acne scarring, improved blood circulation, prevention of skin ageing, exfoliation, tightening of skin, detoxification of skin, increased absorption abilities and hydration.

Why use SmartSkin?

Avocado is the basis for the SmartSkin range.  Avocado oil has been acclaimed as the BEST if all plant oils where absorption is concerned, and is ideal for use in skin care products as a treatment for skin problems and damaged skin.  The products are especially effective on sensitive skin. Avocado oil contains a wealth of vitamins, is anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, improves dry skin and elasticity and has anti-wrinkle benefits.


The benefits of regular massages are:

It counteracts all that sitting you do, It eases muscle pain, It soothes anxiety and depression, It improves sleep, It boosts immunity, It relieves headaches and so much more!!!!


EpilFree hair removal:

EpilFree is a scientifically developed natural product that provides a simple and effective solution for hair reduction that lasts.

The EpilFree advantage:

Pain free, for all skin types, for all hair colours, suitable for all ages, free of side effects and it is clinically tested.

Manicures and Pedicures

BioSculpture gel nails


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