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Introducing the Needle free injector

The fear of needles in some people is intense but the days of needle trauma are finally over – ‘Feeling is believing’! Today MIT Canada’s patented needle-free Med-Jet injectors are the most advanced devices on the market; the technology combines speed, accurate dosage and volume adjustability, producing a highly efficient method of drug delivery at Low-pressure – ‘The devices utilise a patented delivery system that allows penetration and drug delivery via an ultra-fine stream Of liquid, up to seven times smaller than the smallest needle currently available world-wide. The Jet stream is so thin it can be compared to a mosquito’s proboscis and is unlikely to produce much pain. A slight pinch or pressure may be felt as the fluid passes through the skin.’ Unlike needle injections Which form a bolus of fluid displacing tissue and resulting in slow absorption of the fluid, the Med-Jet injectors spray a fine mist of fluid into the tissues covering a greater surface for absorption to take place. Needle free injection Mesotherapy, is a revolutionary new aesthetic treatment that functions as a ‘no downtime’ alternative to conventional cosmetic procedures. The French General practitioner, Dr Michel Pistor, developed this medical technique in 1952. He used Mesotherapy to treat skin disorders, vascular diseases, sport related trauma, rheumatoid Conditions and to improve circulation. Presently, physicians use Mesotherapy for a variety of cosmetic treatments with the aim to reduce and improve the physical appearance in conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, skin texture and pigmentation and weight loss. Facial Treatments include anti-aging, firming, toning, hydration, regeneration and protection against oxidation. The Mesotherapy products are homeopathic, plant-based solutions used with great success by well-established Mesotherapy practitioners world- wide. Simildiet’s product range is Effective AND safe to use and includes complimentary tablets and creams to enhance and maintain the results achieved from the Mesotherapy treatments. Mesotherapy solutions are usually administered via a series of injections (as many as 300) using needles — our Treatments are affordable, quick and needle free.

Treatments available at Needleless to say:

Stretch Marks | Flaccid Skin | Hair Loss | Cellulite | Fat Reduction

Fat Removal under eyes and chin | Hyperpigmentation

Scaring | Acne | Joint | Trauma | Fibromyalgia

Tattoo removal |  G5  | Medical Peels |  Anti – Aging 

Hand anti-aging | BotulinumtoxinA | Fillers  | Liquid Face Lift

Spider veins | natural  cologne injections | Needle free baby clinic

Needleless To Say