Needleless to Say

Who We are

Beauty without pain/ Feeling is believing / No pain, lots of gain.

 The story:

Lerika de Klerk, founding member and CEO  of Needleless To Say, started her career working in West-Africa and lived in Afghanistan for more than 5 years. In this time she saw all the problems associated with needles the Global Issue.

The reuse of needles and syringes is all too common around the world. Each year, 16 billion injections are given in the developing world and it is estimated that 6.7 billion are done with reused equipment.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2000 needle reuse contributed to 22 million new infections of Hepatitis B (one-third of all infections), 2 million new infections of Hepatitis C (40 percent of all infections) and 260,000 new HIV infections (five percent of all new infections) worldwide.
The regions most affected by needle reuse are Africa, Eastern Mediterranean Europe and Southeast Asia.
She decided her mission in life will be to make the world needle free.

After 7 years of research and with God on her side, she came across the needle free injector and clearly identified huge markets for Africa. One being the outer beauty aesthetic market and the other for primary health care, replacing the usage of needles. The only low pressure jet injector with which you can determine the exact depth and volume.Invented by Karim Menassa, he invented the 1st battery operated sonar machine. Experience in the research and development of needle-free jet injectors dates back to 1978 and has enabled them to develop unique delivery systems.

In 2014 Needleless To Say acquired the sole rights for distribution in  Africa. Her dream is to not only make women feel good about themselves but also assist with children’s needs in Africa..

The biggest dream is to transform women by transforming the outer you by transforming the inner you.

In 2014 Doctor Annelie Trefz joined Needleless To Say, today Head trainer and Doctor at Needleless To Say.
B.Cur degree 1988 @Univ Pretoria
Worked in several hospitals and ICU’s
Worked for Medical Research also for 2 years.
Biomeridian training in Homeopathy and bioscanning from 1995 to 1999 and working in Medical and homeopathy Clinic in that time
3 year Mensana Diploma in Relationship therapy in 2000
Theologos Certificate in counselling in 2008
Worked in own Private Practice from 2000-2009
Treating the patient as a whole: the spiritual, physical and emotional side of physical or emotional or relationship problems.
With a special interest in Nutrition
PhD in natural medicine Homeopathic doctor

Together we have been doing magic and changing women’s lives the natural way.

What we love

The desire to positively enhance facets of our physical appearance is something all of us experience. We at Needleless To Say, with our team of certified experts, believe that patient education and an honest opinion is the most important first step in your journey of change.

We are able to provide the latest technology and expertise in the field of Aesthetics.

Every client is evaluated individually to determine their needs and also to provide them with sufficient information to develop a personalized treatment plan. At every step our clients are encouraged to take active part in the process.

For the best natural (but improved) results, we prefer to combine procedures. This allows us the opportunity to make use of the “less is more” principle and thus we can provide you with very subtle yet very definitive outcomes.

We are committed to your individual needs.  We aim to enhance rather than to change and we do it with style. Let us help you look and feel the best you can!

 We will assist you in every way ……