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Cellulite and localized fat:

It is estimated that 90 per cent of women suffer from cellulite to varying degrees, particularly on the hips, thighs and bottom, where fluid containing proteins and waste builds up in and around fatty tissue and solidifies, resulting in the lumpy„ orange peel‟ effect. 

In women, fat cells on the lower half of the body can store fat around six times more readily than those on the upper half. They also release them around six times less easily so this can make weight loss from the lower half terribly difficult, if not almost impossible. Mesotherapy also delivers effective results in the reduction and elimination of cellulite. Minute microinjections are applied to the surface or deeper layers of the skin with a Needle free injector.

Cellulite is a condition in which abnormal “nodules” of fat form in the midsection and thighs, more commonly in women than men. This gives the appearance of a ruffling of the skin. The condition is caused by abnormal physiology in the skin and subcutaneous fat. It involves a type of insufficiency in the venolymphatic system. Mesotherapy injections needle free are given, not only to improve the venous and lymphatic flow, but to also break down the fat nodules. The solutions generally consist of a vasodilator, lymph flow stimulator.